Linux.conf.au dates

22 - 26 January 2018

University of Technology, Sydney

Linux.conf.au background

Starting as CALU (Conference of Australian Linux Users) in 1999, the conference will be entering its 19th year in 2018.

Linux.conf.au is a conference with a focus on Linux and the community that has built up around it and the values that it represents. It is a deeply technical conference convering topics varying from the inner workings of the Linux kernel to the inner workings of dealing with communities.

Each year the conference attracts between 500-800 attendees making it one of the most popular grassroots open source conferences in our region.

Run by volunteers linux.conf.au is a not for profit conference that aims to provide attendees with a world-class conference at a down to earth rate.

Linux Australia

Linux Australia represents approximately 5000 Australian users and developers of Free Software and Open Technologies, and facilitates internationally-renowned events including linux.conf.au -- Australasia's grassroots Free and Open Source Software Conference.


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