Perth, Western Australia - 6th to 10th January 2014

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Is it safe to mosh?

Project: Mosh (mobile shell)

Mosh is proposed as a replacement for ssh, seamlessly supporting IP address roaming, intermittent connectivity and lagging networks. As far as user experience is concerned, it seems to be a winner. But under the hood it uses a new State Synchronisation Protocol, and we need to know if that can be trusted.
This talk will introduce Mosh, compare it to existing working practices with ssh, autossh, screen, tmux and VPNs, and help you to assess the risks around SSP.

Jim Cheetham

Jim Cheetham has spent 20+ years in the Unix & Linux shell, as sysadmin, systems architect and security redshirt. He has worked for many different companies in the UK and NZ from small startups that didn't make him rich, to large corporates that made themselves rich, in roles ranging from end-user support to network, systems & security engineer, pre-sales technical support and operations solution architect.

Jim is currently found in the Information Security Office of the University of Otago, trying to separate good data from bad data. His business cards have PGP key fingerprints on them, just in case.